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My Story

Samuli MäkeläEnergetic and extremely motivated person who will not give up before goals are achieved. My interest in online marketing and consumer behavior started when I was only fifteen years old. Social media was referred to as IRC back then, and marketing was mostly for non-profit DC++ hubs and websites. Nevertheless, the idea was the same. I wanted to learn how to control web traffic, and more importantly; how to turn that traffic into leads.

After that I worked for a few different employers where I got a deep understanding about how sales and eCommerce businesses work. I was hired as a cashier, store decorator, phone seller and salesman, and I always strived to SELL, being cost-effective and to help businesses grow.

Later I grabbed the opportunity to do something for myself, which quickly led to starting my own company in 2014. SEOSEON LTD is a new generation digital marketing firm who offers wall-to-wall Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services in the Nordic countries and languages.

My Skills

✔ Business & Marketing Plan Development / Idea Generation
✔ Inbound-marketing & SEO/SEM
✔ Web Analytics

My Contact Details

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact me by email or phone:

+358 9 2316 0980


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